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Dear friends and customers,

I have taken the decision today (Sunday 22nd March) to close the shop. I am aware that, unlike much retail, we hold a special place in serving the community but as events have gathered momentum it is now by closing that we serve you, and ourselves, best.

Should you wish to still try and get hold of books then I suggest you use as we will no longer be here to fulfil any orders you place on our website.

My intention is to keep in touch during the foreseeable future with thoughts on books, reading, art and perhaps even ideas on how to pass the time. Please don’t unsubscribe if you don’t like it, just ignore - you never know when we might say something that is of interest.

Our warmest best wishes to everyone. Stay safe, well and, if I might finish with a small piece of advice: be considered in all you do and considerate of others when you do it.

We very much look forward to seeing you as soon as is sensible.

Angus MacLennan

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