Author Talk - Peter Marren

Author Talk - Peter Marren

The White Horse Bookshop
2019, Jun 18 6:30 PM - 2019, Jun 18 8:00 PM

Etymology and entomology – two for the price of one in Peter Marren’s new book 'Emperors, Admirals and Chimney Sweepers:The naming of butterflies and moths'. Subtitled ‘The Weird and Wonderful Names of Butterflies and Moths’ it ranges over Ears, Eyes and Noses, Knights and Monarchs, Dancers and Witches, Pigs and Pugs – all names or species of lepidoptera.

Also touching on social history, art and literature this is a book to dip into and get lost in – and will have you exclaiming ‘Did you know….?’

Peter Marren will talk about his witty, insightful and comprehensive guide to the names of butterflies and moths on Tuesday 18th June, at 6.30. (Arrive for 6pm to enjoy a glass of wine.) If you have a moth or butterfly you would like identifying (being mindful of course of trapping it in a jam jar), then Peter will happily name it for you.

Tickets are £5, available online, in store or over the phone.

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