Art Courses and Workshops

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Workshops will run from 10am until 4pm
Workshops will be held in our new workshop studio on the first floor. 
All tutors give individual and group attention throughout the day.
Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided.
Tutors will break for an hour at lunchtime when you may either stay in the workshop or wander into the High Street for lunch.
Tutors provide an information sheet explaining what the workshop is all about and what art materials you need to bring along. All art materials can be bought in the Art Shop, situated on our lower ground floor. 10% discount will be provided on all materials purchsed on the day of the course. 


Our art workshops schedule







Thurs 9th Mar 

 Feeling Stuck? Try Collage 

Vincent Stokes 


Fri 10th Mar 

Pastels- “Fur & Feathers” 

Carol Kibble 


Mon 13th Mar

Thick Paint & a Palette Knife

Annie Monk


Tues 14th Mar 

Animal Portraits 

Kim Vines 


Wed 15th Mar 

Can’t Draw, Want to Draw” 

Max Hale 


Thurs 16th Mar 

Spring Flowers in Luminous Watercolours 

Susanna Bailey 


Sat 18th Mar 

Acrylics – How to Turn Your Photo into an Exciting Painting 

Angela Corben 


Mon 20th Mar 

Watercolours- Clouds, Sunbeams & Sunsets 

Jacqui Franks 


Wed 22nd Mar 

Going Wild in Watercolour 

Jake Winkle 


Sat 25th Mar 

Life Drawing (10am-1pm)  Intermediate - Advanced 

Jenny Arthy 


Mon 27th Mar 

Pen , Ink and Pencil - Horses 

Jacqui Franks 


Tues 28th Mar 

Watercolours – Painting Iris using Loose Watercolour Techniques 

Fiona Peart 


Thurs 30th Mar 

Painting by Numbers- “ An Approach to Abstract Painting” 

Vincent Stokes 


Fri 31st Mar 

Learn How to Paint and Draw  on the Ipad in a day 

Diana Seidl 


Tues 4th April

Sunlight and Shadows in Watercolour

Paul Weaver


Wed 5th April 

Life Drawing 10am-1pm 

Victoria Jinivizian


Sat 8th April

A Spring Table Arrangement with Fresh Flowers (10am - 12.30pm)

Cheryl Elias


Mon 10th April

Watercolour Landscape - Sunset and Snow

Jacqui Franks


Tues 11th April

Line and Wash in Watercolour

Colin Palmer


Wed 12th April

Portraits in Pastel

Glyn Overton


Wed 19th April

Drypoint Ethching without a Press

Karen Carter


Thurs 20th April

Painting Gardens in Watercolour

Susanna Bailey


Fri 21st April

Illustrate the Written Word

Felicity O'Suliivan 


Mon 24th April

Acrylics for First Timers

Annie Monk


Tues 25th Apr 

Watercolours- Chickens and Cockerels 

Lyn Armstrong 


Wed 26th April

Expressive Landscapes in Watercolour

Paul Weaver


Fri 28th Apr 


Hashim Akib 


Sat 29th Apr 


Hashim Akib 


 Tues 2nd May

 Acrylics - Light in the Landscape     

Stuart Roper  £70
Wed 3rd May 

Mixed Media Printing 

Karen Carter £55
Thurs 4th May

Pastels - Dramatic Skies

Glyn Overton £40
Mon 8th May 

Pen and Wash Landscapes

Jacqui Franks £40
Tues 9th May

"Can't Draw, Want to Draw"

Max Hale £40
Wed 10th May

Starting with a Vertical - Drawing Towards Painting

Felicity O' Sullivan £40
Sat 13th May 

Acrylics - Light in the landscape

Stuart Roper  £70
Tues 16th May 

Buildings in Line and Wash

Colin Palmer £60
Wed 17th May

Pastels - Chicken or the Egg

Glyn Overton £40
Thurs 18th May

Painting the Seaside in Watercolour

Susanna Bailey £40
Mon 22nd May

Acrylics - Thick Paint and a Palette Knife

Annie Monk £40
Thurs 25th May


Glyn Overton £40
Thurs 1st June

Layered Lino Prints

Karen Carter £55
Mon 5th June

Watercolours - Frost Landscapes and Studies of Frost 

Jacqui Franks £40
 Tues 6th June

Loose Big Brush Watercolours

 Max Hale  £40
Wed 7th June

Life Drawing (10 am - 1pm) 

Victoria Jinivizian £40
Tues 13th June

Pen & Wash for Illustration

Stuart Roper £70
Wed 14th June

Rivers & Reflections in Watercolour

Paul Weaver FULL
Tues 20th June

Enjoying Colour and Tone with a view to Acrylics and Drawing Inks

Felicity O' Sullivan £40
Wed 21st June

Pen & Ink. Boats, Harbours and Coast

Glyn Overton £40
Mon 26th June

Towards the Abstract with Acrylics & Mixed Media

Annie Monk £40
Tues 27th June

"Can't Draw, Want to Draw"

Max Hale £40
Thurs 29th June

Design and Paint a Summer Salad Recipe in Watercolour

Susanna Bailey £40
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